POLITICAL HUMOR: Mika - Morning Joe

 I don't watch TV.  I do park my butt on YouTube and watch snippets from various shows. Stephen Colbert monologues, Seth monologues, Hoarders, Ring of Fire, documentaries, whatever. Every so often I'll take in some commentary from "Morning Joe".

I'm not a huge fan of the show. It's alright. Joe Scarborough is a bit too loud and shouty that early in the morning. His co-host and wife, Mika Brzezinski, often sits in stony silence while he goes off on a tangent. The formula obviously works for them.

It came as a total surprise to see Mika "pulling a Joe" yesterday. Does she normally indulge in vociferous wrath? I honestly don't know. She was certainly channeling the thoughts of many Americans.

I found it humorous. 

Not that funny ha ha type of humor. 

It was that we're fucked and going to die a glorious death! sort of dark humor.

Honestly, we should've gone extinct in 2012 when we had the chance. 

Is it too late for a Nibiru cataclysm? Probably so. We need to settle for the next best thing: taking a hard look at our society and the inhabitants therein.

Is that's where shows like Morning Joe come into play? Draw us together in justified rage? Make us consider everything from different perspectives?

I don't know, honestly. Only time will tell.