BIRTHDAY reflections

I am 49 today. I suppose it's one year away from a milestone. Such is life.

I didn't expect to celebrate my birthday in the midst of a pandemic. I didn't think our space exploration programs would be mostly dead by 2020. I thought the shuttle program would have expanded. We would have a cure for AIDS and cancer by 2020, naturally.

Surely, we'd see a united America working together to make our nation great.  Not Trump's idea of "great", but that swelling pride we all occasionally felt when America did something spectacular - putting a man on the moon comes to mind.

I need to seriously buckle down on my efforts to square us away. By 50, I want to have my own house again. I want Better Half and I to breathe a sigh of relief because we're finally caught up on everything. I want to give my husband the best golden years. 65 isn't too far off for him. Well, technically, he hasn't hit 60 yet.

We will make it. We always do. We just have to keep our priorities in mind.