Good grief!  I haven't blogged in weeks.

To be fair, we're still getting things straightened after my Dad's passing.  And, to be fair to myself, I've been in pain since before the New Year.

A bit of catching up is in order.

Hershey Kisses is now bigger than Angus.  He's also annoying both Angus and Piper.  There isn't any in-between with him - full on play mode or puddle on the floor/bed/couch mode.  I've been getting up with him at 7AM so we can play downstairs. He sulks on those days when I sleep until 10.

Mom has days when she's sad, still.  She's thrown herself into clearing out Dad's stuff (but not the basement). She also hasn't felt well for a few days. I'm hoping to convince her to go  to the doctor.

Better Half's knee surgery... we have no idea when they'll schedule it.  It kills me to see him suffering.

I'd like to get the upstairs put in order before he has it.  Nobody uses the "office" upstairs. As it's the smallest bedroom, it would work well for Better Half and I.  We'd convert our current bedroom into a lounge/computer work area.  It's extra space for us to breathe.

That means convincing Mom that her desk and computer should go in the massive foyer.  Seriously, it's almost the same size of the living room. That means we would need to move my grandmother's breakfront. Doing that means my mother needs to give up one of her china cabinets. I'm partial to the big one containing all her silver. NOBODY is using ANYTHING in any of her cabinets. Wasted space.

We'll need to hire movers to haul things downstairs.

Being old sucks.

Better Half is back to gaming at the Shop. He's picked Mondays rather than Saturdays.  It works out so much better for me.

I've spent the last month bashing Trump on Twitter. I honestly can't stand it.  I began to bristle during the impeachment inquiry. GOP Representatives ranted and screamed even as Trump tweeted disgusting things about Dems, an ambassador, and more. I realized that, although I'm fiscally conservative, I don't want to belong to the party anymore.

It's interesting how many of my friends have also bailed on the GOP. Others stick with it, a resistance from the inside. I can't fault them for remaining. It's their choice, and we avoid political topics.

And, finally, I need back surgery.  It's been absolute hell. I don't mean just the pain. But that deserves a separate post.