VAMC DAY: Acupuncture

Today is a VAMC day. Acupuncture. Yay. It's a shame our funds are low; we could do a nice dinner out otherwise.

 I've been up since 7 AM.  Laundry almost done, dogs played with, breakfast and coffee had, and Better Half actually got up early and joined us.

In a very hot house. Good grief! 73 is a bit too much for us.


Well, we didn't make it.  We got as far as Weirton before I could no longer tolerate my back pain. We turned around, went to the ER, and they drugged me.


  1. We've been twinning this week. 73 is too hot for me, too. Down went the thermo. And my back just won't quit giving me hell. Happy New Year. 🙋‍♀️


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