DAD UPDATE: stubborn man discovers there are people more stubborn than him

For the past week, my father has refused to eat or take his meds. The meds are what keep him mentally aware, control his blood pressure, handle his clotting factor, and control the spread of his prostate cancer.

Some of this stubbornness is due to not having those meds on board. He physically turns into a zombie and can't do any occupational or physical therapy. And some of this stubbornness is because, due to the lack of meds, he can't think clearly. 

His doctor says there's nothing wrong with his mouth or throat, ergo it isn't painful to eat or drink.

Well, the only thing more stubborn than a patient is a stubborn family backed by a stubborn medical team.

So, off he went to West for a gastrostomy tube. I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know if it's a PEG or a RIG. I thoroughly appreciate that it's not nasogastric; he would likely find a way to pull that out.

What does he do when he gets back to East? Eats his lunch, the fink. He also takes all his afternoon meds. He's much clearer today.  We think this is all related to the IV antibiotic he's been on for a few days. Infections are hell for Parkinson's patients.

I've never seen my mom more happy. She's by his side from 11:30 - 6PM every day, rain or shine. She tries to coax him to eat. She diffuses the situation when he becomes fussy. The staff love her. And now she can finally stop fretting over the food and med issue.


  1. Which all in all makes life a little easier for you. God bless.


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