Dear Readers, 

I will do my best to avoid using real names and photos of our friends and family (without their permission). 

THIS BLOG ISN'T: a health care professional blog, a military veteran blog, an agri blog, a tech blog, or any of the other topics pertaining to the extended family and/or our friends' business.

THIS BLOG IS: a place to share little stories of daily life for Better Half and me, a nice spot for recipes, somewhere to share some nostalgia from my past, a place to commemorate all the good and bad things we endure, an occasional sounding board for the things that tick me off, and a spot to exercise my rusty creative writing skills. To that end, I'll try to keep labels fresh so you don't mistake fiction from fact.

Please be kind to others in the comments section. And remember, there are topics where my opinion differs from yours. That's okay; it's just my silly opinion.  Please don't fear that I will judge you poorly because you believe otherwise. 

A NOTE ABOUT POLITICS: Better Half and I, like many of our cousins and friends, are egalitarian in our approach. 

That said, if you would like to know why I was a Republican, I encourage you to read 
"REPUBLICANS: Unpacking the Misconception Trunk".

A part of me will always be Republican at heart but, after watching our elected officials lie and spin, I have decided that I'd rather distance myself from what they represent. The petty hatred, McConnell's refusal to introduce House bipartisan bills, Graham's 180 as he morphed into a Trumpist, and Trump's constant whining and bellyaching are the last straw.

I chose the Democratic party so that I could vote in their primaries. I'm not far-left, mind. I'm a moderate just as I was when I belonged to the Republican party. I'll likely go Independent after the primary election.

All that aside, I do have Republican readers. They're awesome people. It's okay if they choose to remain in the party.  It's also okay if they don't agree with me. They're entitled to have their opinions.  However, I'll take down any hateful or spiteful comments aimed individual voters. I'm tired of both the far right and far left. Attack the subject, not the person.

Trump and his sycophants are exempt from this. I've gone after Trump since 2017.