I haven't blogged since arriving home. It's partly because I didn't reach my town until the wee hours of the morning, then proceeded to nap much of the weekend away.

A few final shots:

I loved spending time on this walkway

My final bowl of crab chowder.

Glorious sunset as I was leaving Baltimore

Yeah, I could have stayed one more night, but it wasn't financially feasible. So, after an 8 hour class, I got on the road for home and then drove over 5 hours.  I'm no spring chicken these days, but it wasn't that difficult a drive for me, either.

Thursday morning was another story.  I was 45 minutes late to class thanks to an obnoxious tourist.

Baltimore's rush hour traffic isn't anything to sneeze at.  You have to be a bit aggressive but also keep your head on a swivel. Quick reaction times makes this doable. That wasn't the case for the tourist. He decided to run a red through the intersection just as my driver launched forward.

It wasn't a heinous crash though I was still wincing from it on Sunday, and my neck is killing me tonight.

The other man was fully at fault. Rather then just exchange insurance information, he wasted a few minutes pretending to be injured. When it didn't elicit any sympathy from my (now) angry driver, he resorted to ranting about Mexicans and invasions while trying to poke my driver in the chest.

It's at this point that I should add that my driver was an older man from Punjab. I felt terrible for him. This tourist went off on my guy, parroting the most heinous shit regarding illegals before rounding on me and calling me a "fucking liberal".

Meh. To simplify it: I offered some profanity-imbued words of my own. Tourist racist returned to his car and locked the doors.  I waited with my driver until police came, and then he called for another driver for me.  I wasn't charged for the first ride.