BALTIMORE: Land of road boats, loud honks and friendly people

So I drove to Baltimore today.  Against my will.

No, seriously, it's a required training course. Required. I wasn't keen on going, mainly because it's a financial strain for a household already burdened by upcoming surgeries and other expenses. Sure, the course is free. The lodging, gas, parking, food, and more parking aren't covered.  I plan to take the bus tomorrow (I'm at a different hotel) to save funds rather than pay double parking garage fees.

That said...

So I drove to Baltimore today. And it was raining. Sideways.

No, SERIOUSLY.  It came like a sheet that rocked my car as I took the exit for Inner Harbor. I can handle rain.  Better Half and I have driven through all sorts of shit.  What I can't handle is my Explorer turning into a road boat.

Not my photo. I was too busy trying to get the snorkel hooked up.

A road boat, people!

I should compliment Ford on their watertight vehicles.  I never planned to float from Baltimore to D.C., but I'm sure I could with enough determination and some good GPS directions. (I'm secretly hoping CAP offers "turn around, don't drown" as a safety briefing tomorrow.)

Anyhoo, the water subsided enough for me to get into the parking garage. By time I reached my room, it had opted to go back from whence it came.  At least, for this part of town.

It's a nice hotel.  The theme is music, specifically blues and jazz.  It feels like a touch of New Orleans. Very comfortable. They nailed the vibe.  It's also a bit run down but chipped paint and furniture nicks add to the hotel's character.  The staff is awesome, too.

Now I have a half hour to eat dinner and get to bed.  Mmm beef and mashed potatoes, a merchandiser's dream.  That thing next to it is a merchandiser's spoon. I'm too tired to go find one downstairs.  

On a final note, I just realized Hershey gets neutered and I get spayed in the same month! Bonus! We can comfort each other.


  1. Sideways rain is something I never, ever heard of until I moved to Missouri. Then I SAW it. Incredible.


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