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NOTRE DAME IN FLAMES: profound history lost

The steeple of the landmark Notre-Dame Cathedral collapses  as the cathedral is engulfed in flames.   Anything which offers profound history to a nation and the world itself deserves a moment of silence when destroyed.  It doesn't matter if it's purposeful destruction, such as the case with ISIL members and cultural heritage or a neolithic tomb turned into a picnic table , or a possible accident such as Brazil's National Museum . Such is the case today with Notre Dame.  One need not be Catholic or even Christian to fathom the gravity of the situation. The Cathedral has sat in disrepair for years .   " Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, Notre-Dame received one of its most significant overhauls between 1844 and 1864, when the architects Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Lassus and Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc redid the spire and the flying buttresses and added several architectural tweaks.  That restoration followed decades of neglect an

2019 WEATHER: Mother Nature 0, Gruffchick 1

You know shit is going down hard when the locals come out of their houses to point and stare at the fast-approaching storm front.  Such was the case this evening as we made our way from Warren to home.    Most people up north have a good sense for the weather. Better Half and I should as well, given our passion for aviation and our volunteer service during disaster relief missions.  However, neither of us really paid much attention to today's weather other than, "It's supposed to rain some after 7 PM."  We planned to be home by then. Ah the best laid plans of chicks and men.  We planned to leave early, say 9 AM.  We planned to just drive up to properties in the Youngstown OH area.  We planned to just drive back home.  But we overslept, and had to run down south to pick up my mother's meds, and the truck needed gas, and we weren't on the road until after 2.  What to do?  Carry on! Last week's early spring temps carried into the weekend an

REFLECTION: Rare Astronomamagal Creatures and the Imagination

©Sebastien Millon Today's entry is a hat tip to one of my favorite artists, Sebastien Millon (AKA Sebreg).  As found on his About page: Sebastien Millon is an artist. His work is noted for its lack of vision and his art is usually muddled in a turbid stew of crockery. Many artists, art critics, and frankly most of the public views his work with great disdain and disrespects everything he is about (no one actually even knows what he is about, including the artist himself). Sebastien Millon's work lacks truth, vision, and sadly, any artistic integrity. Critical Praise of Sebastien Millon: "I like his work. But not as much as I like drinking." -Drunky Bear "Fuck Sebastien Millon. He is a little bitch." -Bunny Tongue-in-cheek or just all-around cheeky, his wit and artistic talent have banished many a stormy mood cloud.  It's more than whimsy.  Some moments are profound while others summon up

FAMILY: Abdalla Receives Carrocci award

I not a fan of the local papers though I do browse them now and then. Sometimes I'm treated to a pleasant surprise. Such is the case today.  My aunt, deceased several years now, made the news. Nothing bad, of course, and not due to anything involving her in person.  Rather, it was an award given to one of our local officials, Fred Abdalla Jr. That award is named after my Aunt Helen. STEUBENVILLE — Life came full circle for Fred Abdalla Jr. on Saturday when he was presented with the Helen Carrocci Child Advocate Award. Carrocci was a longtime deputy at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, leading investigations in child abuse cases. After her retirement, she continued her mission to protect children by bringing together agencies and partners in the community to coordinate investigations. She founded A Caring Place Child Advocacy Center in 2002, where children can be interviewed and examined in sexual abuse cases. Abdalla has been the chief probation office