Too tired to blog, so here's some food for thought:
Natura nihil frustra facit

When you look outside, you see the sun shining which enables us to see when we’re outside, you see trees invisibly producing oxygen so we can continue to exist. Natura nihil frustra facit: “Nature does nothing in vain.” It means that – and this is going to sound cliché – everything happens for a reason. Everything happens of necessity. It reminds me that, even though I should enjoy life and enjoy as many fun activities as possible, I should also make sure that every task I undertake has some meaning or is somewhat significant. Which brings us to the next one…

Quam bene vivas refert non quam diu
“It is how well you live that matters, not how long.” Most of us are somewhat afraid of the inevitable that is part of being human: death. However, that fear is probably not associated with actually dying, but more with how you’ve lived your life. Did you accomplish all your goals and dreams before it was too late? Did you get married and had children? Did you get to travel and see the world? Death is inevitable and something you can’t control, but the choices you make during life are absolutely all up to you. It’s not about the number of years that you lived, but about the years spent truly living. Those are the ones that count. Speaking about the number of years that count...

Eheu fugaces labuntur anni

“Alas, the fleeting years slip by.” This one reminds me to not waste time. Don’t waste time overthinking things. Don’t waste time stressing over things you can’t control. Don’t waste time overanalyzing every single thing that happened during your day and has already passed. Let go and live in the Now. (It’s easier said than done, but we can try.)

- Ann Eshaw, Thought Catalog, "Ten Latin Phrases That Will Give You Life", [source link]