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WINTER: Baby, it's cold outside

xkcd: Winter I am exhausted, so much so that my brain fog seems to have permanently warped into a vortex of confusion.  I find myself searching for the correct words when speaking or writing. Who needs those, right?  We're all good provided the message gets across. I have not kept this blog updated for that reason. My normal routine is suspended while Mum is in the hospital, and I've stepped down from much of my day-to-day things - including command of my CAP unit. That was bitter-sweet. Mum finally got it into her head that her recovery speed is entirely dependent upon her mindset. She stopped fussing over every ache and pain. She stopped fighting the therapists with regard to what her limitations are (comfort vs compliance).  And she seemed to take it very well when her surgeon told her that she could not smoke or drink again.  (In fact, he told me to get rid of all the ashtrays and pour out the alcohol - Mum didn't bat an eye.  Better Half and I poured out