Mmm Mmm Unhealthy

I'm at Trinity West today. It's a familiar place, considering the entire family are patients of Dr. Miracle.  Also, it's where I come for monthly port maintenance.

*evil laugh*  I shall become a cyborg and terrorize the World!  All shall fear...wait, never mind. Trump's already doing that.

Back to breakfast, then.  I didn't choose the bacon portion. Holy shit, they load trays up with omnipig strips!

Mum has already gone to lab for her cath. This foray into cardiac medicine comes courtesy of her PCP, Dr. P. Goodocktor. A detected murmur lead to lab tests, and that landed Mum squarely in Dr. Miracle's territory.  It's a tight valve. The cath should determine if it's repairable.

Dr. Miracle works fast. It usually takes longer to prep that it does to perform the procedure. I'll have enough time to wolf down my melon and egg before I'm called back to the heart center for his report.

Mum's already set against further heart surgery. "I've had thirteen surgeries in my life. I don't want any more!"

I had to suppress a laugh. Due to my frequent flyer status (I'm putting my anesthesiologist's grandkids through college), they've destroyed my veins. Ergo the port.

"Just get the valve repair done, mum. It's not as bad as you think."

"Yes, it is," she insists. "Your cousin spent weeks in recovery."

I wasted no time reminding her that said cousin was an unhealthy twat prone to binging on fried food and snack cakes.

Hopefully, all goes well for Mum. I prayed with her before they wheeled her away.

1053 AM Update:
Waiting on Mum to come out of recovery.  The cath did not go well. In addition to the tight valve (.6, FFS!), she has a 95-99% blockage at the very top of her right coronary artery (above the RV branch) as well as an 80% blockage in the obtuse marginal branch. Her LAD looks good. However, these blockages require a double bypass. No stent can be placed due to the need to repair the valve.

Dr. Miracle has hospitalized her for the night,  mainly to keep an eye on her femoral artery and procedure recovery. He's referring her to Dr. Sekon, a cardiac surgeon.

I don't think she grasps how dangerous her situation is currently. I haven't been able to see her yet; waiting on the 5th floor for her arrival. I'm armed with the coronary tree diagram Dr. Miracle provided, and equipped with a bullish temperament. I'm retired but I have not lost my "this is what will happen if you don't" demeanor when it comes to fractious patients and necessary surgery.

Dad most likely won't take it well. As I told Better Half, we'll need to take over all Mum's responsibilities while she recovers.