NATHAN LARSON: Halfwit Malefactor

The malefactors are scrabbling out of the woodwork as we move closer towards November.  The populace must determine what is best for our nation. Sadly, most just vote a party line.  That's how we end up with people like Nathan Larson on a ballot.

Never heard of him?  His "manifesto" seems a friendly read.  He states, "I, Nathan Larson, hereby announce my candidacy as a quasi-neoreactionary libertarian in Virginia's 10th congressional district election, 2018. As Representative, my main agenda will be (1) stopping the war on drugs, (2) protecting gun ownership rights, and (3) putting an end to U.S. involvement in foreign wars arising from our country's alliance with Israel. I will also restore (4) benevolent white supremacy, (5) private borders, (6) patriarchy, (7) freedom of speech, (8) freedom from age restrictions, (9) suicide rights, (10) jury trial rights, (11) discrimination rights, and (12) free trade."

People like this should be mandated to carry around potted plants solely to replenish the oxygen they waste. Or else be clubbed like a baby seal.

What may stand out is item 4.  Benevolent white supremacy?  Just what exactly is that?  However it is the manifesto's text that becomes more alarming.  How many will bother to read it?

And that, dear readers, is precisely why we have so many horrid politicians.  Nobody wants to read what the candidate is really about.  For disgruntled whites, well, this person sounds alright. Never mind that his manifesto goes on to describe so many other dreadful ideals.

I'm reprinting an article here. You're more than welcome to compare it to the linked manifesto. You decide.  Is he really as the article describes?

And please, for the sake of all that's good in the world, please read up on candidates before voting for them.  Don't vote a party line just because you identify with the line itself. 

Nathan Larson, a candidate for Virginia's 10th congressional district,
wants to make child marriage and incest legal
and classify women as property. (Photo credit:

Virginia congressional candidate wants to make women property, legalize child marriage and incest

CATLETT, VA (WCMH) - An independent candidate for Virginia’s 10th congressional district said he believes women should be treated as property and wants to make child marriage and incest legal.

Operating under the guise of “restoring liberty” and “personal freedom,” Nathan Larson has advocated for the legalization if [sic] incest and child pornography, the elimination of child labor laws, the legalization child marriage, and the classification of women as property, according to WUSA.

In what he refers to as his campaign manifesto, Larson hailed Adolf Hitler as a white supremacist hero and referred to feminism as “a global problem that, if left unchecked, will eventually destroy all races.”  He even goes as far as blaming school shootings on feminists.

“Many boys end up fatherless because feminists encouraged female promiscuity and undermined husbands’ authorities over their wives,” Larson wrote in his so-called manifesto. “Guns don’t kill people feminists do.”

The Washington Post reports Larson also wants to repeal state funding for girls and women who attend high school and college and to allow men to have multiple wives and physically discipline them. He also wants to keep women out of the workplace for various reasons, writing in his campaign manifesto that “if they’re [women] going to put a career ahead of having kids, then they’re probably not doing their part to continue the human race by producing high-quality offspring.”

Larson also spent a little more than a year in prison for sending a letter to the Secret Service, threatening to kill either George W. Bush or Barack Obama. Larson is only able to run for public office because of former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, restored civil and voting rights to felons.

Larson is aware his candidacy is a longshot, but says he thinks he might have a chance because voters are tired of political correctness.

“People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds,” Larson told HuffPost. Larson also told the news website he wrote several posts and essays to his now-defunct websites, and, detailing pedophiliac, incestuous and rape fantasies. Both websites have been shut down by their domain hosts as of Tuesday.

The Washington Post reports that Larson has a three-year-old daughter who lives with relatives. His ex-wife, who committed suicide shortly after the child was born, was granted a restraining order against him after they were officially divorced.

This is Larson’s second run at a seat in Congress, having ran and lost in 2008.


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