FLOWERS! (and stones)

We made the journey to Lewis Country Gardens in Calcutta this afternoon, but nothing really jumped out at us.  It's better to visit them in the spring, perhaps.  The selection will be larger.

Having some time to kill, we next drove past Paris and stopped by Iannettis. We were not disappointed. Though too late in the season to find a large mixture of perennials, we did pick up different varieties of daylily, a small shrub, some heliotrope, and other assorted annuals.  They also had a lush tomato hanging basket. 

True happiness is having a pickup truck

Afternoon and evening rain kept us from doing much in the yard.  I snipped the iris to liberate three hosta (these will all be transplanted), and Better Half finished a bit of grass removal in the main bed.

I'm afraid I won't get much more done this season. My kidneys are flaring up - stones or an infection, can't tell - so movement is extremely painful.  I've been sucking up the pain just to get things done but I think it's about time I made a trip to the emergency room for a proper diagnosis.  Not tonight.

Unless it gets worse.

Then I'll go in and whimper because I won't be able to garden the next day.

I really need to stop putting it off. Aunt Honey and the cousins are coming out in July. We're planning on joining them to visit more family in PA.  It won't happen if I'm recovering from a lithotripsy.  Best to get treatment before the summer is ruined.