DAD: Allegheny General

Just a quick entry before bed to keep people updated.

For those out of the loop, my dad went to the ER yesterday. He was behaving oddly - more confused than normal, unable to walk, a bit weak on the left side. His neurologist (well, mine, technically) insisted on an MRI. It allowed her to diagnose bleeding in his brain.

They sent him up to Allegheny General to the neuro ICU (via Life Flight - he was so excited and nervous about the flight).  It was critical that they take him off his thinners to stop the bleed, thus he would require better monitoring than what's available in Steubenville. The risk of stroke is very real, but we're hoping for the best and keeping positive that things will turn out all right for him.

Mum and I are staying at Family House Neville. It's a lovely and comforting facility.  Alas, no photographs - wifi is free, but limited.

We'll head over to the hospital in the morning.  Tests are on the schedule, but we won't know more until we speak with the neuro team.

Poor Better Half is stuck at home so the dogs have company.  Let's hope Dante behaves for him.