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By now, people have heard about the actions taken on people protesting the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem.  This event has sparked a renewed interest in the Middle East.

Not a "real life" renewed interest.  No, this puppy is a hot topic searing through online forums.  The line in the sand isn't being drawn between Israelis and Palestinians. It's between the ignorant and the educated.

The ignorant are simply those people that bark the loudest about things they know the least about.  Case in point:

Granted, I'm not all "فلسطين حرة"  hardcore. Palestine is a de jure sovereign, no?

The actual history is fairly interesting.  

The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history

Vox uploaded that video in 2016. It doesn't capture the current situation.  Still, history is history. I won't go into what sides I support. I think there's a lot of bullshit being dealt by each.

From an international standpoint, America may have screwed the pooch on this one.  I'll even pull from my least favorite news source, Fox:

The U.S. moving its embassy could cause “significant harm to the U.S. credibility as a mediator” for peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, said Dylan Williams, vice president of government affairs for J Street, a left-leaning pro-Israel advocacy organization.

Williams added that the move could “undermine confidence” from Palestinians and Arab countries that the U.S. would remain an impartial negotiator in efforts to create peace in the Middle East.

- Fox News

I don't lean in any direction on this matter, nor am I pro-any group.  I do agree that Trump has undermined our credibility as a mediator however.

He isn't the first President to propose this embassy move. Clinton and Bush promised the same when They ran for office.  They changed their tune after consulting with those actually involved in international kerfuffle. Trump notoriously promotes his unwillingness to listen to people.  He simply "up and does", and it doesn't matter what the international fallout will be provided things go his way. America's way. America first!

Some of you may be shaking their heads at my sentiments on Trump.  I do not disagree that America should put its own interests first once in a while.  Rather, I feel America needs to be mindful of its meddling.  "Putting America first" does not mean "poke a hornets' nest because American politics". 

As for Trump?
His blithe and perhaps willful ignorance of the situation is painful. 

I'm not saying Trump mirrors President Johnson's actions concerning the USS Liberty and Israel.  Johnson's reasons for rolling over were potentially based on his readiness to avoid a confrontation with the USSR rather than in restraining Israel. 

I don't know what Trump's reasoning is. Frankly, I don't care. What I do care about is the rising death toll of innocent Israelis and Palestinians caught in the crossfire. If we choose to meddle, then let us also pledge to do nothing that will intensify the situation. Let us take responsibility for our actions. Let us seek to mediate, as we have promised to do, rather than shit policy out of our asshole and demand that the world declare it rose petals.

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