RUSHED SNIPPET: Georges Méliès and Google

I confess that I enjoy Google Doodles.  Today's was dedicated to Georges Méliès: "Back to the Moon".

Méliès isn't a familiar name for most people. In the Now of today's technology, people seldom pause to consider special effects breakthroughs from bygone eras.  It was Méliès that first wowed audiences in theatres.  His cinematic illusions and slight of hand captured the imaginations.  Even now, some might recall bits of his work - such as this iconic image from Le Voyage Dans la Lune - without ever seeing the entire film.

Today's interactive Doodle pays homage to the man and his creativity by commemorating his work via Google's first virtual reality and 360-degree interactive Doodle. Nice.

I realize most of you are wondering what I'm babbling about. I encourage you to go on your own quest. Discover Méliès masterful imagination for yourselves: