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RUSHED SNIPPETS: Words and Elements

The third installment of Trollhunters hit Netflix on Friday. The internet imploded, the world's youth forsook their sanity, and all good things came to an end.

Really. Just ask the gruffam.  I don't check my personal email often, mind, and I seriously regret checking it today.  "Gruff! Gruff have you seen it?  Gruff, any new words? NEW WORDS?! GEOLOGY!!"

Vous n'avez rien de mieux à faire, n'est-ce pas? Peut être pas. Évidemment.ಠ_ಠ

To begin: yes, I have seen the third installment at the urging of those constantly pinging the shit out of me.  I'll might sit down again sometime this week and binge all three installments to look for details I may have missed.  (How many caught the aliens landing at the start of P3 E1? Or the perhaps-wizard using a guitar to bash the Gumm-Gumm on stage?)

Never heard of Trollhunters?  There are many sites dedicate to explaining it and all its nuances. Here.

We're here today because people asked for the words and identificat…

OBSESSION: War of the Worlds

Just a quick post to highlight some brilliant work by Christian Johnson and Steve Maher. (I advise skipping the text portion.)


Better Half and I have had the honor of adopted two retired racing greyhounds during our life together.  This video... well, this is exactly what these wonderful dogs do once they become part of your family.

Baron Barometer Better-running von Offen-trakken and Sammie "PB Drives on By" Speckle Spot, we miss you!


✅ Finish blogging
✅ Make coffee
✅ Check Weather
✅ Assess grass
❌ Shit kittens

The lawn is my bane.  I loathe mowing grass.  My ideal yard is nothing but flower beds which I  weed as part of my decompression process. The current backyard is geriatric-creative. A snowball bush, a hibiscus tree, and lots and lots of aggressively-growing grass. 
Better Half and I aim to change that.  We've already planted a tree. We'll drop in a few beds. We'll fashion a paver stone patio and put in a fire pit ring for those nippy autumn nights.
Those projects are on the to-do list.  Currently, the grass is shaggy and perpetually soggy after several days of solid rain. The skies are currently overcast. Thunder caresses the horizon.  It's come down to mow now or suffer once the rain lets up (Thursday) and the grass has tripled in height.
That's Ohio, fam. Shit grows like mad out here.
What recourse do I have?  There's no escaping my plight.
One of the nice things about getting old…

REFLECTIONS: How the American Media Fuels A Cycle of Violence

I tend to become philosophical when bored.  In particular, I enjoy the "what if" scenario. This category of question frequently graces my thoughts while reflecting on my life and circumstance. 
Most know that the Internet, chiefly YouTube, became my haunt while going through cancer treatments.  I was sequestered for weeks while enduring RAI. I was bored, and I was getting tired of the questions springing to mind every hour of the day. "What if we hadn't bought a house so close to a coal seam?";  "What if we had caught the cancer sooner?";  "What if I had never moved to Ohio?"; "What if Obama had never been President?" (The answer to the last one is, "I would be dead because I couldn't afford health care.")
My YouTube tastes were and still are eclectic - natural history programs, BBC documentaries, science channels, comedic movie reviews, and foreign flicks killed time normally filled with nature photography, s…

ROYAL WEDDING 2018: That's Some Bad Hat, Harry.

I watched the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle out of my love for ceremony.  That ceremony was exquisite. The Queen's attire summoned to mind the reawakening of spring. The men appeared equally noble. Prince Harry's smile almost took his ears at times.

My favorite, however, was Doria Loyce Ragland, the mother of Meghan, (now) Duchess of Sussex. This woman's poise and humility outstrips that of many of the bluebloods.  She sat alone, her ex-husband having suffered a heart attack earlier this week, across the aisle from the Queen.

Both women wore similar shades. Doria opted for a pastel green Oscar de la Renta dress and coat. The Queen chose a flared dress in lime, lemon, purple, and gray floral printed silk topped with a lime silk tweed coat. Both are by Stuart Parvin. Some news sites have speculated that the Queen chose these colors to send a message: green for health and fresh beginnings, and purple to indicate her approval of an American into he…

BISTABLE PERCEPTION PART 2: Bistable, Multistable, and Illusion Optics

I digressed far too much in my prior post, "BISTABLE PERCEPTION PART 1: Viral "Laurel" vs. "Yanny" Phenomenon", and edited out a huge section. However, people have also asked if bistable "visual" perception was similar to bistable "audio" perception.

They are different yet similar.  Sound, such as the current "yanny" vs "laurel" viral phenomenon, is about sound frequence.  As I explained, we all hear frequencies a tad differently depending upon our age, the health of our ears, and our mind's ability to unscramble the sound. 

Bistable illusionary perception does not rely on sound frequencies, in other words.

Unlike optical illusions that utilize the misinterpretation of the human brain to create illusionary perception different from the physical measurement, illusion optics changes the optical response or properties of objects. Illusion optic devices make these changes happen. Although both these terms deal with…

BISTABLE PERCEPTION PART 1: Viral "Laurel" vs. "Yanny" Phenomenon

I do my best to ignore viral nonsense on the 'net. This new trend, the Yanny vs Laruel audio "mind game" actually captured my attention.  It's not at all mystical, nor are you going nuts because you only hear one word. It's all in how the ears work and the mind reacts.
Bistable Auditory Stimulus, also called "Bistable Stimuli" and "Bistable Perception" by some, amuses me.  I've experienced it several times in life.
The event that comes to mind when I heard BAS happened back in my teenage years.  I was Buddhist. We gathered as a group once a month to chant a six-word phrase which, after about ten minutes of being immersed in the sound, starts to play tricks on the ear.
"DOG is at the bowl now DOG is at the bowl now DOG is at the bowl now DOG is at the bowl NOW dog is at the bowl NOW dog is at the bowl NOW dog is at the bowl now." Nobody purposefully stressed the last word ("now") of the phrase.  The brain, lulled by mon…


or Why I Don't Get Involved in Political Talks 
with Americans on Forums.

By now, people have heard about the actions taken on people protesting the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem.  This event has sparked a renewed interest in the Middle East.
Not a "real life" renewed interest.  No, this puppy is a hot topic searing through online forums.  The line in the sand isn't being drawn between Israelis and Palestinians. It's between the ignorant and the educated.
The ignorant are simply those people that bark the loudest about things they know the least about.  Case in point:

Granted, I'm not all "فلسطين حرة"  hardcore. Palestine is a de jure sovereign, no?
The actual history is fairly interesting.  
The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history
Vox uploaded that video in 2016. It doesn't capture the current situation.  Still, history is history. I won't go into what sides I support. I think there's a lot of bullshit being d…

IT BEGINS: Claiming Space in the Great Outdoors

Spring.  It's that lovely time of year when I'd normally weed my beds and browse local nurseries for some annuals to tuck into corners.
If I still had my yard.
I don't, obviously.
Better Half and I decided to claim the backyard here as our own.  We aren't granted any space inside for decorating.  The backyard is ideal for stretching our imaginations.
All things considered, it isn't a terrible back yard. It has a hibiscus bush and a snowball bush. And grass. Lots and lots of grass.  Too much grass to cut in a day.  It isn't that the yard is horribly large. Instead, it's a postage stamp sized treasure filled with a fuckton of established sod.  Sod that has been overtaken by weeds.
We haven't even started the beds yet.  My parents aren't high on outdoor maintenance, thus the sparse yard is accompanied by a rotting deck filled with trash.  It annoyed me all winter.  I don't have any "before" pictures, but I'll give you a taste of what…

LAUGH FOR BETTER HALF: Colbert, Bezos, and Space

A Laugh for Better Half...

RUSHED SNIPPET: Georges Méliès and Google

I confess that I enjoy Google Doodles.  Today's was dedicated to Georges Méliès: "Back to the Moon".
Méliès isn't a familiar name for most people. In the Now of today's technology, people seldom pause to consider special effects breakthroughs from bygone eras.  It was Méliès that first wowed audiences in theatres.  His cinematic illusions and slight of hand captured the imaginations.  Even now, some might recall bits of his work - such as this iconic image from Le Voyage Dans la Lune - without ever seeing the entire film.

Today's interactive Doodle pays homage to the man and his creativity by commemorating his work via Google's first virtual reality and 360-degree interactive Doodle. Nice.
I realize most of you are wondering what I'm babbling about. I encourage you to go on your own quest. Discover Méliès masterful imagination for yourselves: The DoodleGeorges Melies - Master of Illusion: Crash Course Film History #4IMDb: Georges MélièsVintage NewsMél…