TRUMP: War Before Coffee


Trump, you idiot. It's poor policy to threaten other nations via Twitter.  You don't use social media to taunt a nuclear power. You don't brag about bombing "Gas Killing Animals" without giving any consideration to the innocent civilians that will also be affected by our missiles. This isn't a video game. The use of deadly force should be solemnly undertaken. Is the use of that force warranted? Yes, perhaps.  However, it should not be used as a means to prop your own power up.

He tweeted at 6:57 AM EST, probably well before his staff rolled in for work. He most likely heard the news on Fox and, per norm, did not consult with anyone before going off on a typical tweet-rant.

Granted, prior to this, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling the reported chemical attack a "hoax" and an "information attack" aimed at shielding "terrorists."  There's the difference. It was a statement, prepared by a team and reviewed by government officials prior to release

Russia has also stated that they will shoot down any missiles fired by us, as well as take out wherever those missiles were launched from.

*heavy sigh*

Le Update:

Tweeted not even an hour later.  The answer is no, our relationship should be worse now due to Russia denying the gas attacks, and their willingness to protect the people that ordered the gas attacks on their own population.

Stop the arms race?  Threatening to use deadly force, and then bragging that our missiles are better, pretty much engages us in the arms race, you silly barking spider.

No. The bad blood stems with their interference with our elections.  Couple that with their willingness to deny the attacks took place, and their insistence in protecting Syria. Then you threw salt in the wound by insisting our missiles were better, and that we'd take an aggressive stance regarding Russia's involvement to protect Syria.

Alright, I'm not a pacifist. My initial answer to the Middle East was, sadly, "sheet of glass".  But I'm a civilian.  My thoughts are a useless rant against a faceless bad guy. I grab some coffee, have a shit, and come to my senses. No, murdering the innocent isn't the answer.

Trump is not the average civilian and, apparently, he remains perpetually constipated. It's a painful condition that obviously can only be remedied by tweeting while he strains on the throne. 


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