CAP GUS: Adventures at HQ

Few people realize that I'm a member of CAP.  I don't normally broadcast it on my personal blogs, mainly because my opinions do not reflect the opinions (political, social, whatever) held by organization and should not be interpreted that way.

However, given that I've driven an hour to squadron HQ, and I'm waiting for my finicky Deskjet to actually scan two pages (it's been ten minutes), I thought I'd share a snapshot with the world.

He looks so thrilled to be here.

"Momma, why for you bring me into this cold building?"

Simple, Gus. Momma didn't realize she had to upload a scan of a monthly report.

"Make your transportation officer do it, Momma."

He wasn't able to. As the commander, the buck stops with me.  Besides, it was a nice truck ride for Gus. He has his favorite bed.  He's happy.

Or bored. Hard to tell with him. His only excitement today was chasing a mouse.

Our facility is located at a county airport, as are many CAP squadrons.  It's not massive, and we tend to keep the thermostat set as low as possible to conserve propane. My office is in the very back corner, and it really doesn't reflect any of my personal tastes.  Perhaps it would, if I didn't live so far away.  I usually can only come in once a week, on meeting nights, to take care of business.  The rest is done from home.

CAP is a family thing.  Or it was, were that family member not stepping down and moving on.  It makes it rough, and I imagine I'll be putting in more than one night a week for a while.  As it is, I'm behind on everything this week month and so here I am, with the dog, getting work knocked out.

Or I would be if the damn Deskjet would scan!

And now, in the time it took me to log into Blogger, photograph my dog, upload it to Imgur, and write this post....... the document is going through. Holy crap, we need new equipment so badly!