After 25 years apart, Better Half finally had an opportunity to visit with his brother.  It was a happy and laid back reunion.  Brother D was returning home to Texas for a month, and his leg from Boston took him fairly close to us.  He called on Thursday, and was here by Saturday.

It's remarkable to see how many physical traits are shared. The same crisp, blue eyes lined by similar care-worn wrinkled, the smiles, and the facial hair.  Though BH is sporting a full beard (as is his daddy), Brother D rocks a handlebar mustache.

He's fantastic. I love him already.  Though he's more quiet than BH (to be fair, wailing tornado sirens are more quiet than BH), Brother D has a fantastic sense of humor.

We sat down for a simple dinner (papikosh and salad), and then the boys went out back for key lime pie.  My parents, worn out by then, adjourned to the living room to catch some TV, though mom was a great help with getting all the dishes done.

We caught up on family news, he shared some recent pictures of the parents and his kids and wife (pretty women run in that family!), and I coaxed them both to share stories from their past.  Towards the end, I shuffled off to give them space for bro talk. 

Brother D couldn't stay long. He would stop at a hotel, then start early the next day. It's more than a 10-hour trip from here.

We're hoping to have another gathering when he heads back out to Boston this summer.  Hell, we wouldn't mind taking a vacation to visit mom and daddy in Ocean Springs, either.

Fingers crossed!