Fur Pomku


Dog hair on my face
I wipe it in vain
Blood begins to flow

Those that remember my old blog, Bemused Muse, will also remember that Better Half and I are dog lovers. They were featured in a number of daily posts. Hell, I even put up obituaries when they passed.

We have four small ones now: Zephyr the Iggy, Truffle the Pom, Piper the Chi-whatever, and Angus the Chiweenie. Five if you include my mother's menace, appropriately named Dante though I just call him Raindog due to my suspicion that he's a highly functioning autistic animal.

Meh, I digress. This pomku comes to you courtesy of Better Half, who finished the final verse while I desperately clawed at the fur coating my nose.


  1. Bemused, now Gruffy. What a change. Love the pups. And terrific to reconnect. We left California in May 2017. Life is slower here and quieter. Not a bad place to be.


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