Better Half sighs at his age today.  He's officially a senior citizen.  He joked that he was turning into Grandpa Simpson.  "I'm alone, and cold, and there's wolves after me."

Dude, no. As Gru said to Dr. Nefario, "Why are you so... old?"

I should point out that the man never acts his age. Eternally the goofball, taking BH into a hobby or gun store is a calorie-burning experience on par with herding cats. Or herding otters.

Many moons ago, when we were in the Denver Aquarium animal husbandry department, BH had a chance to care for otters.  These are his favorite. He was happy to chop up fish and hose off Lutrinae shit.  It became obvious to everyone that this was his totem animal - it was difficult to discern which was more hyper at feeding time.

Speaking of food, we did a raincheck on BH's birthday dinner.  Burgatory is in the works on Thursday. We probably won't get out of there for under $55 but a quick glance at the menu tells me the prices just might be worth it. 

Anyway, a heartfelt Happy Birthday to the husfiend.  You otter know by now that I love you.