Mum's First Cardiac Cath

I'm at Trinity West today. It's a familiar place, considering the entire family are patients of Dr. Miracle.  Also, it's where I come for monthly port maintenance.

*evil laugh*  I shall become a cyborg and terrorize the World!  All shall fear...wait, never mind. Trump's already doing that.

Back to breakfast, then.  I didn't choose the bacon portion. Holy shit, they load trays up with omnipig strips!

Mum has already gone to lab for her cath. This foray into cardiac medicine comes courtesy of her PCP, Dr. P. Goodocktor. A detected murmur lead to lab tests, and that landed Mum squarely in Dr. Miracle's territory.  It's a tight valve. The cath should determine if it's repairable.

Dr. Miracle works fast. It usually takes longer to prep that it does to perform the procedure. I'll have enough time to wolf down my melon and egg before I'm called back to the heart center for his report.

Mum's already set against further heart surgery. "I've…

In Memory of Truffle

On Friday, December 14, we bade farewell to our beautiful Truffle Trafalgar.  Being honest, Better Half and I are still in shock.

We have several dogs. Three were advanced in years. The smallest and youngest of the geriatric set, Piper, seems to have boundless energy (and needs a few teeth pulled or cleaned). The oldest, Zephyr, could pass for Thanatos' lap dog. Or the Emperor from Star Wars. He does have that sort of crusty wrinkle to him.

Truffle, on the other hand, had grey but was otherwise in good health - or so we thought. It was only during the last week or so that she seemed 'off'. She'd linger downstairs after we'd all gone up. We thought she was staying behind to seek out crumbs we'd missed in the kitchen.

There were other factors in her life, of course. She's always had sleep apnea - truth: she snores more loudly than I do. And she had Parvo as a puppy. It's no wonder, then, that she suffered two heart attacks.

The first came that morning, w…


A quick post regarding the garden:


It will all be gone soon. Cool nights and mornings damage tender flowers.  Ah well. I ordered catalogs for planning over the winter.

TORONTO MICROBURST: it's not about microbrew

We survived yesterday's weather.  Good grief. Consider this a placeholder until I can pull images from my phone.

Toronto hit hard by microburst TORONTO — The National Weather Service said it was a microburst with wind speeds in excess of 60 mph that caused damage throughout the city Monday afternoon. 
Fred McMullen, a weather service meteorologist in Moon Township, Pa., said the city was under a severe thunderstorm warning when the storm hit. But radar showed no rotation in the storm, which would have indicated a tornado, he noted.
"It hit us hard, but nowhere else," said Mayor John Parker Monday evening. "The temperature also dropped like 10 degrees, maybe a little more, which is consistent with those types of weather events."
A building on the 300 block of North Fourth Street lost its roof and part of the facade in the storm, and brick and other debris from the building littered the street and caused damage, some serious, to other buildings and businesses in t…


I tend to think about Clem Schultz whenever I hear the word "tornado".  His story serves as a potent reminder to never take life for granted.  You see, Schultz filmed the 2015 tornado that took away almost everything he held dear. His house, his mementos, and especially his wife were ripped from him.

We would not have heard his story at all had he not offered the footage to a meteorology student for use in the student's doctorate studies. The video went viral, thrilling meteorologists while disheartening the average citizen.

I recall the story not from the video, but thanks to a particular human interest piece.

Suburban Chicago's Daily Herald was only one of the numerous papers that covered the story. It is the piece written by their that surpasses all else.

Ms Sarkauskas humanizes the event, lifting it from tragedy to prove the mettle of the human heart and mind.

I don't think anyone else could have done it such justice.  The writing found in hu…


I have so much to post, and so little time, and so little motivation, and insert excuse here, and here, and here.

Rather than attempt it so late at night, here's a throwback to the Cottage.

BEETLE FAN: the unidentified visitor

Problems my friends do not have: spending two hours in a fruitless attempt to correctly identify a damn bug. Brown click beetle with a pale, firefly-esqe abdomen?

I ran it up the flagpole on iNaturalist. Let's see if sage minds can do a better job at it.